08 Jan 2020

Calgary has a unique climate

Calgary has unique climate conditions so knowing when to install new sod in Calgary is important.  You can install sod from April until early November in Calgary but the best seasons are during spring and fall.

Spring is an ideal time to install new sod

Spring is an ideal time to install new sod because the temperatures are cooler and the days are shorter.  As well as the cooler temperatures spring also typically comes with more rainfall so you won’t have to worry about your sod drying out as quickly.  Installing your sod in spring also gives your sod a longer opportunity to grow and get established.  If you can, choose spring or early summer to install your sod.

Fall sod grows very well

Fall is also an excellent time to install sod in Calgary.  Fall brings cooler temperatures and this is an ideal time for your sod to get established.  Chinook landscaping in Calgary has installed sod during fall for years in Calgary and we have noticed there is very little winter kill. In spring time the sod picks up where it left off in fall and grows well.  We have installed sod as late as early November and it still has excellent survivability.  Many newcomers to Calgary’s climate are surprised to learn that sod survives our harsh winters.  Sod simply goes dormant in fall and awakens in spring.

Install sod in summer but keep it moist

If you choose to install your sod in Calgary during summer your sod will still flourish and grow well if you keep it watered thoroughly.  Part of new lawn care in Calgary is Watering during early morning or late evening.  The reason this is important is because the water on new lawn blades can easily burn the sod in the heat of the day.  Don’t hesitate to install your sod during the summer months.  Just remember to keep it very wet for the first few weeks by watering every day.

If you would like to know more about when to install sod in Calgary feel free to give us a call at 403-452-8552