24 May 2019

Welcome to our sod blog.  Our goal is to bring you the latest information on sod, seed, lawns, lawn care and everything to do with helping you create that perfect lawn.  There is more to sod than meets the eye and much to learn about lawns.  Calgary has a unique climate and therefore growing sod can sometimes be challenging.  Calgary’s climate is often harsh, especially in the winter months when freezing and thawing can be very common.  So, by visiting the Calgary sod blog often you will learn techniques and tricks to help you create a healthier lusher lawn.

Sod quality is the key to great looking lawns

Sod quality can very greatly in Calgary and not all sod is the same.  In order to start out with a sod that is going to last you need to make sure you choose the highest quality sod.  Kentucky Bluegrass sod is a popular sod variety in Calgary.  Kentucky bluegrass is typically mixed with creeping red fescue. Most sod farms use this blend for residential sod in Calgary.  Choosing sod that has a deep and thick rootball is very important.  Some sod farms cut their sod very thin so there is not much rootball at all.  This is not good because the sod will dry out quickly and it will also be less healthy because it is missing some of its vital root system.

Sod is just the beginning

There is much more than just sod talk coming to the Calgary sod blog.  Along with a lush and beautiful lawn, many Calgary homeowners are interested in creating borders around their garden beds, installing decorative rock along the sides of their homes, mulch toppings for their garden beds and adding trees, shrubs and hardscaping.  The Calgary sod blog will include information on other landscaping items that are important to Calgary landscaping

Define your borders

Defining your borders is key to awesome looking landscaping. Messy overgrown borders look bad and are not practical for mowing.  To define your borders you can include vinyl edging, mow pavers, concrete curbing or raised natural or concrete stone. Stay tuned to the Calgary sod blog to learn more about creating clean attractive borders around your garden beds.

Decorative rock and low maintenance landscaping

Using a heavy duty fabric combined with decorative rock can be an attractive and practical way to create a low maintenance landscape.  You can use decorative rock in your garden beds, along the side of your house or in play areas or dog runs. Decorative rock comes in a wide variety of colours and sizes. If you decided to use decorative rock be sure to use the thickest highest quality landscaping fabric available.  This will help prevent weeds.

Stay tuned to the Calgary sod blog for more.