Need to get rid of your old sod ?

Is your old lawn looking tired and worn out?  When is it time for lawn removal?  We can remove old sod
very quickly and replace it with new golf course quality turf.  Whether you are looking for a complete sod removal job or just wanting to partially remove some of your lawn we can remove it and haul it away.  We are used to working around trees, tree roots, gardens, and sidewalks or patios, and we are always careful not damage your existing landscaping.  Quite often we notice the ground beneath the lawn is hard packed and it provides a poor growing surface for the grass.  As well many areas of Calgary have poor soil that is mainly clay or silt.  This kind of soil is not at all good for growing lush healthy grass.  We can remove some or all of this poor soil and replace it with fresh, dark high quality screened loam that will give your new sod and excellent growing base to get started on.  The rich soil will provide nutrients for many years to come and it will keep your lawn looking healthy and lush.
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