How our estimate and installation process works?

After receiving you request for an estimate we typically provide you with a written or emailed estimate within three days. Our quotations include recommendations for top soil, how much soil is required and the amount of sod you will require to properly cover your property.

We don’t ask you for any payment before we begin installin your new lawn. The first the we do is rake and remove and stones or other debris from your property and then we lay down a fresh layer of soil wich we rake and roll. Following proper grading of the soil, we will install your new sod.

Washed rock/other
You may have requested washed rock to be placed in areas where lighting was an issue. Sod does not typically grow well in low light areas and mildew can also become an issue where sunlight is not sufficient.
Before laying down the washed rock we will install a thick layer of landscape fabric to act as a weed barrier below the washed rock. We install the thickest weed barrier possible so you won’t have to worry about weeds for many years to come.

Need More than just sod ?
We also offer a variety of other landscape services that you can view by visiting landscaping calgary