It is important to have a landscape edge of some sort for your front or back yard. The edge seperates the lawn from the rest of your landscaping. There are many different edging options to choose from and each has its on unique advantage.

Mowing pavers
Mowing pavers are paving stones installed around the eges of your garden beds or patios, they are basically flush with the ground, and help to seperate the soil from your sod. Mowing pavers allow you to ride the wheel of your mower on the edge of the paving stones so you are not bumping up against anything.

Plastic professional edging
Plastic or vinyl edging can look fantastic or terrible depending on how it is installed. If the edging is installed right and the curves are flowing and consistent, vinyl edging looks great. It creates a well defined edge between your lawn and garden beds and it can really be an attractive part of your landscape. This type of edging gives you a solid edge to bump up against while your mowing your lawn and it should prevent you from having to do any trimming.

Stack stone edging.
Installing a stack stone border around your garden beds adds beauty and class to your landscape. Stack stone is more costly but this is refelected in the look it gives your yard. We can install your stack stone at various heights and there are many colors and styles to choose from. The design options with stack stone are many including creative curves or straight lines.

Need More than just sod ?
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