19 Jan 2020

Kentucky bluegrass sod is a local favourite in Calgary.  Known for its beautiful fine blue green grass blade and its hardiness, Kentucky bluegrass sod is a variety you can count on in Calgary.

Beautiful sod but tough enough for our climate

Kentucky bluegrass is famous across North America.  There are several varieties of Kentucky bluegrass available and our premium Kentucky bluegrass is a blend of the top four Kentucky Bluegrass varieties.  These top four Kentucky Bluegrass varieties are chosen because of their appearance as well as their cold tolerance.  Calgary is know for very cold temperatures but it is also well know for fluctuating temperatures throughout winter.  Our Calgary weather can change drastically overnight.  Our famous Chinook winds can change the weather from -30c to plus 10c overnight.  Kentucky bluegrass sod can withstand our cold weather and weather fluctuations.

Golf course quality Kentucky Bluegrass

You’ve seen it on Golf courses throughout Calgary.  The lush blue-green colour of Kentucky bluegrass sod is hard to miss.  Not only is the sod attractive but it can withstand a lot of abuse.  Just take a look at the divits that are regrowing easily on your local golf course.  Our golf course qualityKentucky bluegrass sod can handle lots of traffic including golf carts and machinery at your local golf course so you know it can handle your family and all of its activities.

Minimal water required

Kentucky bluegrass like most other residential sod requires water of course but you won’t need to soak it daily to keep it happy.  Kentucky bluegrass sod requires at the most a thorough weekly watering in our hot summer months.  It is used to drying out between waterings so going without water for short periods of time will not be a problem.  Please keep in mind that newly installed Kentucky bluegrass will require watering daily until it gets established.  Once it is established, watering weekly or even every two weeks will be sufficient to keep your sod happy.  Please see our new lawn care page for more information on new sod care.