How do you figure out what blend of grass to use ?
The blend of grass we use is a mixture of creeping red fescue and Kentucky bluegrass sod. The sod farm where the sod is grown has created a blend specific to Calgary. How do we know it grows well in Calgary ? Because it grows right here on the outskirts of Calgary. The specific blend used has been tried and tested and is proven to be the best mix of grass for Calgary and the surrounding areas. The end result is a beautiful lush green turf grass that is golf course quality.

How long does it take for you to install sod ?
We can usually complete your new yard in one day depending on the initial condition of your soil, grading, and other factors. For larger properties it may take 2 days. If you need a complete sod and soil installation then you can count on one day for soil preparation and grading and another day for the sod laying.

We have a brand new home. Can you sod it this year ?
We typically recommend waiting one year for newly constructed homes to allow for the surface to settle. You can speed up the settling process by soaking the soil closest to your foundation.

We have a yard that has sat for a number of years. The soil is weed covered and lumpy. How can you fix this for us?
Our landscape teams are quick and efficient. We can quickly blade out or rototill out your weeds and freshen up the soil. If needed, we can add a layer of rich top soil to your yard to help the new sod get established. The best way to decide what approach to take is to have us over to give you a landscape consultation and estimate. It’s free and there is no obligation.

Our friends have told us that most sod is pretty much the same, is that true?
No, definitely not. There are many different types of grades and types of sod available in Calgary. Look for a sod roll that has a large root mass and not thin paper like root mats. The thinner the roll of sod the less roots you have to get established on your property. As well, it is not uncommon to find weed filled sod in some of the local sod that is being sold. Be sure to have a close look at the sod you are going to purchase before making any commitment. We install the finest golf course quality sod available.