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We use SOD that is weed free and will not cause you extra maintenance problems because of dandelion, clover or other weed infestations.

We can install most of our sod installations in one day or less. Thats right, you could enjoy your lawn a lot sooner than you think. Our experienced, professional staff is trained to install your new lawn properly and in a timely fashion.

A thick rootball is the most important thing to look for when researching sod. Without a thick rootball, sod can dry out and die very quickly. A thick root ball also means the sod has a better ability to retrieve nutrients from the soil. Sod that has a good root foundation will grow strong quickly and will need less water to keep it healthy.



Garden Design & Planning

Our Qualified & Experienced Professionals design a whole new map for Landscaping & Designing which is User-Friendly, Healthy as well as it adds an appealing look and feel to the whole garden and that is what makes us unique in the industry because we use our professional design methodologies.

Garden Builds & Washed Rock Options

Many home owners choose to install washed rock at the sides of their homes where grass does not always grow well. Washed rock is also used under decks. We spread your washed rock over landscape fabric, 2-3 inches thick, with a gradual slope away from your house. The landscape fabric acts as a weed barrier and prevents weeds from growing through the rock.

There are many types of washed rock to choose from and the rock itself comes in a variety of colors and shapes.

Tan Washed Rock: It comes in 20 mm and 40 mm sizes.

Washed Round Rock: It comes in 20 mm and 40 mm sizes.

Rundle Rock: It comes in 20 mm and 40 mm sizes.

And Many More…

Premium Quality Kentucky BlueGrass

Top Grade Golf Course Quality SOD: We specialize in low cut & residential Kentucky BlueGrass SOD. We are dedicated to perfection from the time we establish the SOD fields to the post installation customer care that we offer. Chinook SOD is a unique SOD Farm with the option of a sand or soil base, and our perfected 5 blend KENTUCKY BLUEGRASS MIX.

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